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Demo Reel (2017)

A sampling of work from 2014-2017

Hand-drawn, stop-motion, digital, 3D, and motion graphics

(February Compilation)
A series in which I embark on the journey of creating one animation per day for the year of 2017.

It could be inspired by something I saw, heard, or experienced that day, perhaps a dream, or anything that tickles my fancy. Who knows!
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Why Do You Love Me?
Computer Animation

One day Yellow asks Blue a question. They weren't quite ready for the answer.

How the Skin Heals Itself
Computer Animation, Science/Educational

Have you ever wondered what happens in your body when you get a cut or wound? Well look no further because I've enlisted the Healing Superheroes to teach you about your skin's repairing system!

Computer Animation/Motion Graphics
An exploration of effects and syncing music/rhythm to graphic visuals

To Come
Rotoscope/Digital Animation

An exploration of "wrong timing" through the wonders that is Ryan's mouth.

Inspired by the movie "Mr. Nobody"

Computer Animation/Motion Graphics

An exploration of color through shape, movement, and timing.

Rotoscope/Watercolor​ Animation
A peek into one of my recurring lucid dreams filled with guns! chase scenes! flying! What more could you want??
A Small Universe
Maya (3D Animation)


In the Taoist school of thought, the human body is a small universe. Not in terms of material but in the sense that there are inconceivably small elements of matter and molecules in the body, and yet one still cannot detect the most microscopic particle further down the line. This is comparable to the vast scope of the universe.
I sought to conceptualize and abstract this theory through 3D animation and procedural animation. Enjoy the journey!

f l o w
Modified Base Technique (Sand)


A sand animation about the ephemerality of love and how those we love tend to flow in and out of our lives.

Stop-Motion Cutout Animation
(Wood, Paper, Fabric)

Willow where are you?


Three of my favorite things.

Hot Dog

It's a dog eat dog world.

Watercolor/Stop Motion

Follow the journey of a young water droplet as he travels through the water cycle.


Created with watercolor, Photoshop, and iMovie


8 Years
Documentary Short Film
Have you ever asked your parents about how they fell in love? I have, but I got the full story during Thanksgiving break of 2016. Follow the sweet love story of my parents, Amy & David.
Filmed with a Black Magic Camera
Memory Bank
Short Film


Layers of memories, new and old

As part of a fabric/projection installation piece about the stages of memory encoding and the overlap/intersection of our memories

Filmed with a Sony A5100, GoPro Hero3+

VFX Short Film


Musings and daydreams on the road

Experimenting with the refractory quality of light through water droplets and effects in Adobe After Effects

Filmed with a Sony A5100

the Zone
Short Film


Water. I've always been enraptured and simultaneously satiated by it. And when submerged, it is my sanctuary, a sensory deprivation tank filled with memories.
Join me on my reminiscence of finally entering the coveted "zone" while swimming at only age 13.

Filmed with a GoPro Hero3+

Black & White Bolex Film
An exploration of filming double exposure shots either manually through the Bolex, or through post production in Premiere Pro.
Filmed with black/white tri-x reversal film on a Bolex camera

Black & White Bolex Film


Lines -
Still, organic, moving, making, interacting
Synthetic continuity film exploration


Filmed with black/white tri-x reversal film on a Bolex camera


Dragon Boat Festival

A fun motion graphic sample advertising the dragon boat festival.


Hand of Knowledge

Futuristic extending and retracting hand


TV show transition for imaginary technology channel "iT Channel"

Fashion Show

Motion graphic captions and transitions superimposed over fashion show footage

TV Show 

Sample transition for an imaginary television show


3D spinning biohazard symbol created by following a Copilot tutorial

TV Show

Sample intro for an imaginary television show

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