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Bojagi is the traditional Korean textile art of wrapping cloth and patchwork that have various functions, such as decorative, religious, and symbolic uses.

For my final project for Bojagi & Beyond with Professor Chunghie Lee, I chose to create two wearable pieces with inherently contrasting functions and hues but with complementary bojagi patchwork and color palettes.




A group project for my digital fabrication class. A classmate designed a Rhino model of the vase pictured, passed it along to another classmate who used a 4-axis CNC mill to produce the vase, and I "finished" the piece by giving it a context and fabricating a static scene suggesting action & motion.


CNC milled bass wood, dried flower, balsa wood, hot glue


Rest in Peace

Create an unconventional storyboard.


Stemming from my increasingly aggravating relationship with my hair, I visually documented a five day time period by collecting and putting each day’s worth of shed hair in small boxes. Then for Sunday, the last day, I cut off about 14 inches of my hair and put the ponytail in a large box.

Hair is inherently a precious, distinctive part of our body, yet somehow disgusting once disembodied. I sought to present my hair as a gift  to challenge the viewer.


Lasercut plywood, hinges, wood glue, superglue, human hair (donated to Locks of Love!)





Create sixteen 4" x 6" double-sided cards that convey a personal narrative through sixteen themes/principles of design.


Through this project, I chose to reconnect with my culture by exploring the art of Chinese scroll paintings and calligraphy. Juxtaposing the traditional style paintings with slightly unconventional quotes and lessons from my parents, I sought to pay homage to the two people who have influenced me the most in my life.


Panda poo paper, india ink, book cloth fabric, dowels, thread, copper rods, balsa wood





​With a focus on line and an ordered chaos, I sought to create three physically discrete volumes that relate conceptually.


Bass dowels, thread, wood glue


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